Shaping the future.

      From 单一-function components to modules and on to total solution proposals, the value that Murata has provided over the years continues to evolve. We are involved in development of the technologies and 产品介绍s that can promptly respond to customer needs with an eye on the future.

      High frequency design 外围投注平台推荐

      Design techniques for high frequency (up to 60 GHz) components, devices and modules taking into account the complex electromagnetic coupling between circuits, elements and parasitic components.    靠谱的外围投注平台

      Radio frequency module design technology

      Device design 外围投注平台推荐

      Technologies to achieve high performance compact devices using functional materials, mechanical design and software.    lol比赛投注软件

      Inductor element structures

      Embedded 外围投注平台推荐

      Technology that achieves system design utilizing both circuit and embedded software design. The circuit design segment uses discrete analog and digital technology or custom IC technology. The embedded software segment utilizes algorithms and device driver software and middleware to support networking requirements.    LOL竞猜

      Custom IC design

      High reliability design 外围投注平台推荐

      Technology to achieve high reliability products for harsh environmental conditions.    十大外围投注平台app

      Cracks from mechanical stress to boards and noise from vibration of the capacitors are design issues.

      Circuit design 外围投注平台推荐

      Optimization of active and passive electronic components to achieve high efficiency and compact circuits.    电竞下注app
          Power loss switching operation

      Simulation 外围投注平台推荐

      Technology utilizing computer-aided numerical analysis and modeling in areas of electromagnetic field analysis, thermal and stress analysis.    lol竞猜用哪个软件

      Thermal analysis simulation of a power module.

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